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This is the person I signed up to spend forever with. What a nerd.

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Bought Prototype yesterday for 19 euros (used) and I have been playing it, so due to laziness I won’t finish this and I prefer to draw more in that cute style (anatomy rubs me the weird way)


always a man.


novapolitan is the best kind of icecream creature

The Throat of the World

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Bisexual Percy Jackson headcanons remain incredibly important to me.



Bisexual Percy Jackson crushing on Annabeth and Nico.

Bisexual Percy Jackson going to Pride.

Bisexual Percy Jackson making his food blue, purple, and pink.

Bisexual Percy Jackson giving advice to younger LGBTQIAP+ campers. 

Bisexual Percy Jackson petitioning for any LGBTQIAP+ camper who feels unsafe at home to stay at the camp year round.

Bisexual. Percy. Jackson.

Bisexual Percy Jackson pointing out cute people of all genders with Pansexual Annabeth Chase on dorky and flirty dates. 

Bisexual Percy Jackson getting the audiobook versions of classic myths (because Dyslexia is exhausting with those old texts) and realizing just how indiscriminate ALL the Gods are when it comes to gender and romance. 

Bisexual Percy Jackson setting up the Ganymede House for LGBTQIAP+ resources for all the other campers. 

Bisexual Percy Jackson comparing notes with Annabeth and realizing that, shit, he was totally crushing on Luke, and doesn’t that actually make a lot of sense. 

Bisexual Percy Jackson painting his face Blue, Purple, and Pink for Pride and buying Nico a rainbow flag, which Nico accepts, albeit while blushing furiously. 

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My edit. (✿◠‿◠)


Totally not all about this “I woke up at 6 am” life.

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